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Aku kembali!

Udah lama banget (beneran, satu tahun), sejak post terakhir di blog ini. Sejak punya blog sebelah (, blog ini pun jadi nggak aktif lagi. Aku lebih aktif menulis di blog sebelah dalam bahasa Inggris. Dan akhir-akhir ini aku kangen menulis dalam bahasa Indonesia, jadi aku memutuskan untuk aktif lagi di blog ini.

Rasanya segar banget mulai blogging lagi dalam bahasa asliku hahahaha.

Konten dari blog ini akan kuvariasikan. Aku akan cerita tentang pengalamanku dengan bulimia, perjalanannya, kambuh, sembuh, kambuh lagi, sampai saat ini. Lalu, tentang depresi yang aku alami, self-harm, psikologi, keseharianku, menulis, fiksi, Super Junior, cowok (kehidupan cinta paling menarik hihi), drama Korea, pelajaran bahasa Korea, jalan-jalan ke luar negeri dan ke luar kota, mimpi masa depan, pengalaman kuliah psikologi, magang di beberapa tempat, pengalaman melamar kerja. Mungkin aku juga akan menulis tentang bahasa Inggris dan bahasa Korea, cara aku menguasai dua ba…
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I'm Moving!

Dear readers (as if I have one),

on behalf of the changing self of me,
I've chosen to move out from this blog.

This blog won't be removed, so won't the posts.

It has been an amazing journey through 2015-2017 that I wrote here.

But I guess I'm no longer the "White Shade" I used to be.

I don't wanna change who I was, that's why I choose not to change this URL to my new URL.

Instead, I'm making a new one.

You can pay the new me a visit here 

Have a great life :)

Change of Perspective: Way of Life in My Last 10s

I just turned 19 four days ago. Happy birthday to me! Before my 19th birthday came, I was happy, excited, filled with joy and anticipation of my birthday this year. And what happened on the day? I wasn't really disappointed at that day, but the day after. I was happy on the first day of my 19. And the second day, I cried my first tears already.

I remember very clearly that my best friend said to me, "It's been only two days on your 19. Why are you crying already?" She meant that I should not had cried because I deserve to be happy, especially after my special day.

I thought my day was ruined. The November 21st. I woke up late, almost late for my morning class. I didn't get enough sleep the night before and it pretty much screwed me up. I thought it should be my day. The day should be according to my plan, didn't it? Because it was my birthday. Once a year. Couldn't I have my day, even if it's just for a day?

And the sober me came up, rationalizing eve…

Why People Nowadays Starts Losing Their Faith: My Perspective

I actually have to do my works, doing some of my assignments, but here I am trying to write something out of my mind.

I just googled so many things about people and religion nowadays and don't find any interesting answer for my questions: why are people losing their faith? Why people nowadays seems to not care or decided to abandon religions? Is it outdated now? Or are we people are the one with massive changes so that religions can no more accommodate man needs?

Well I think I found the answer within myself. From my perspective, it's neither the religions nor mankind fault. I think it's because human have evolved so much thanks to science developments that are still going rapidly, we now know more about this world, even we are now dare to speculate about another life existing outside the earth. People have become awarer than ever before, but not improving their critical thinking skills (this is from my point of view, I haven't conducted any research on this, though. B…